Prior to any underground boring or trenching service, A-line Boring  will obtain Dial Before you Dig Plans and ensure that no other underground services will be adversely impacted by your project.  A-Line Boring will obtain necessary permits and process applications for road closures and traffic management if required.

Works is always carried out to specification and work safety procedures are adhered to at all times.


Underground Boring

Our boring service allows for the installations of underground pipes or conduits for electricity, water, communications cabling and irrigation with minimal disruption of the ground's surface.  Watch our underground boring video above .

  • - Under Roads
  • - Under Driveways
  • - Under Vegetation e.g. nature strips and sports grounds

Underground Trenching

A Line Boring will use an excavator to create a trench for the boring and installation of the required conduit and will backfill on completion of the job and remove any excess spoil.  The work area will always be reinstated and restored to our customers satisfaction.



Service T or Pole to Pit Installations

For Service T joints or Pole to pit installations, A-Line Boring will excavate on a live network with L.V & H.V cables for power companies.  We have very experienced operators, with the highest of training in accordance with VESI & VEDN national guidelines.